24 Tooting Curries

24 Bond Films




CURRYBOND - The origin story.

A long time a go in a flat in Tooting a man had an audacious thought. “What if I could go for a curry and watch a Bond film afterwards, maybe even with other people…” He immediately dismissed this foolish notion as mere fanciful wonderment of an overly ambitious 30 year old.

Weeks later he saw it…an Amazon Lightning sale…the full James Bond box set on blu-Ray for £39.99…this was a sign.

He clicked and clicked again and after almost delivering this filmic feast to one of many long lost addresses in his Amazon account it was done… Order Successful! He could tell Jeff Bezos was on board, and with arguably the most powerful Jeff in the world guiding him, he knew anything was possible. I mean not landing a rocket once it’s launched, but almost anything…

Just days later it arrived. He knew it was time to consider the possibilities. How many Bond films? Twenty-four…so many…surely there weren’t enough…but he had to try.

After living in Tooting for many years he owed it to the home of the greatest curry houses south of the river to try. He made a list. Fifteen curry places in Tooting straight off the top of his head, but he couldn’t stop there. He turned to the oracle of all things, Google (sorry Jeff). It worked! The more he looked the more he found, curry after curry after beautiful curry until it was done.

Twenty-four curry restaurants in Tooting.
Twenty-four Bond films.

CURRYBOND was born.


CURRYBOND - The Ground Rules

24 Curry restaurants
24 Bond films

All will be rated out of 10 with a number of special categories including best naan, gadgets n girls and a host of others. (See CURRYBOND awards).
Curry places must be within 10 mins walk of Tooting Bec or Broadway stations.

In order to fairly rate the curries, two reference dishes have been selected.
Onion Bhajis
Chicken Tikka Masala

These have been chosen to maximise chances that they will appear on every menu. If not the closest substitute will be found. They’re also obviously, curry classics.

The official drinks of CURRYBOND are:
Cobra beer